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Glass coating
Metal surfaces & cable colour

The new series provides a number of technical innovations. All visible metal elements are made of stainless steel instead of aluminium. The ceiling and monk's cap are significantly smaller. The new monk's cap with the replaceable OLED panel now has a dust-tight connection to the globe and the new only 2 mm thin metal mesh cable (silver or brass) makes installation more comfortable. The new 25 cm size expands the product family.

The Iris Globe pendant lamp looks like an iridescent soap bubble. It is the result of ambitious craftsmanship combined with innovative technology: Each of the mouth-blown crystal glass balls is unique and is made by hand using traditional production methods in a Czech glassworks that is several hundred years old. The innovative coating, on the other hand, is applied under laboratory conditions in a German factory using a specially developed coating system. It works like a light filter using the physical effect of light interference - like a real soap bubble. The extremely brilliant colours are created by several nano-thin metal oxide layers that generate light interference and filter the light into complementary transmission and refelction colours. This demanding process takes about one week for one globe. Depending on the brightness of the environment and the background color, the intensity of colors changes from soft to intense. The effect is most intense in direct sunlight, since natural light has the widest color spectrum. Just like real soap bubbles that float through the air in slightly different hues of colour, the IRIS GLOBE luminaire is also available in different colour spectrums.  Design: Sebastian Scherer 

  • Material: crystal glass, stainless steel, brass (coated)
  • Standard cable length: 4 m (adjustable)   
  • Ceiling cap (ø11,5 / H4,5 cm, matt brushed)   
  • Metal parts available in silver (stainless steel) or gold (brass coated)
  • Metal mesh cable available in steel or brass
  • Replaceable OLED-panel (included) lifetime 30.000 h (2 years guarantee on OLED panel), CRI >90
  • Output: max. 500mA, 15 watts, 12V, max. 900 Lumen
  • Emitting light colour: cyan-magenta 3200 K, pink-green 3200K, blue-orange 2800K, gold-indigo 2700K, silver-lilac 3000K
  • Emitting Lumen: cyan-magenta 800 lm, pink-green 800 lm, blue-orange 850 lm, gold-indigo 750 lm, silver-lilac 850 lm, clear 900 lm     
  • Integral driver (dimming control): PHASE CUT (IGBT-TRIAC) 220-240 V / DALI 110 - 240 V / 1...10V & PUSH mode 110 - 240 V
  • Sizes: 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 cm
  • Made to order: lead time 8-10 weeks 
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  • WEEE-REG.-Nr.: DE73153820
  • This product contains a light source of energy efficiency class "G". 
  • There is a manufacturer's warranty for the offered product (see below for further information and notes on warranty!)